We proudly feature the work of our students from all four years!

Celebrate our students with us.

First Years

First-year students start the program by learning the elements and principles of design and focusing on residential environment with most work hand drawn. Venture into their world to view some beautiful projects.

Second Years

By the second year, students are introduced to commercial design. Browse these students’ pages. They have an impressive display of commercial design that may include retail, restaurant, and office spaces. 

Third Years

In the third year, students are challenged by entering competitions and designing larger commercial spaces such as hotels and community centres. These students delivered stunning projects. 


In their last year, students focus on developing a design for a large commercial space of their choice. These projects showcase their talents and interest. Visit their pages and be very amazed by their projects and 3D Experience videos.



The Year-End Showcase (YES) is a student-led event that exhibits the work of all students from the VIU Interior Design program. This event allows students to share their work and accomplishments and connect with companies and professionals in the design community. About this year’s theme⇓


For Showcase 2023, it was decided that the theme would be related to the environment & society. Graduating students came up with the showcase name – Synergy – and logo and brand design. 

Synergy (from the Greek synergosσυνεργός meaning working together, circa 1660) – New World Encyclopaedia. 

In a nutshell, synergy means working together to create a total effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Together we are stronger, our voices louder, and the synergy of our actions more powerful. 

— Pierce Brosnan


Students and faculty shared student projects and achievements with the community at an in-person event at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre. It was a successful show with many attendees, beautiful projects, and inspiring guest speakers. 


The showcase was marked by some great speakers who delivered inspiring messages to students and attendees. This year’s speakers were:

Two distinguished VIU members: Dr. Michael Quinn (Provost and Vice-President Academic) and Dr. Marni Stanley (Dean of Arts and Humanity)

Two distinguished members of the interior design industry: Jay Arvind (Head of Interior Design a the Westbank Corp. in Vancouver) and Graeme Verhulst (Principal Architect AIBC at the Waymark in Victoria)

Dr. Michael Quinn

(Provost and Vice-President Academic)

Dr. Marni Stanley

(Dean of Arts and Humanities)

Jay Arvind

(Head of Interior Design a the Westbank Corp.)

Graeme Verhulst

(Principal Architect AIBC at the Waymark)


Below are some images of the showcase.

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